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This is a SMALL list of THOUSANDS of our closest friends and loved ones ....

sugarpuss OUR BABIEZ!!! we luvz us some sugarpuss!
QDA:queer designer's alliance this is DARWIN and TONYS site dedicated to opening the minds of the mass world with mass media
XhiBiti0n wEbsIte our other babiez - they will one day RULE the world
LTrain my favorite club by my favorite DJ

DORIAN WOOD ONLINE the AMAZING one and only Dorian Wood Guilt Trip!!
TERRAZZO Ryan Revenge'z new band fucking RAWKS!
DeadLee keepninit REAL, yo!...did i mention that i was his bitch/queen of the month WAYBACKWIN??? the bitch took my shit off his site, though.... YO DEADLEE WHAT UP FOO? YOU AFRAID I LOOK 2GOOD??THATS NOT RIGHT MAN!ok, bye jj
BEST REVENGE :( it was a sad day when we found out our babiez broke up... but never fear TERRAZZO's here!
SPITSHINE records start a band, make records!!!! i couldn't have said it better my CUTE self! Ryan Revenge is bashin back and makin a diference in the music scene with the hotest of hot queerest of queer punk rawk and stuff.
AGITPROP! records check out what the bostonians are up to over there... they got the fucking cutest shit! fagatron RULES!
GAUNTLET 2 The ONLY bar in Silverlake that has opened its doors to us and given us a venue to host wild clubs with the best live music in town, come see where we hang out almost every GODDAMN night of the week!
FREAKSHOW this WAS the best monthly around!
K-SPACE ONLINE! my favorite college radio station in the WORLD, yall! they are the fucking she-it beotch!
MYSTERY HANGUP OHMAHGAWD... so they came to us by way of JOHNNY and we asked them to play the KIM DEAL tribute at the Mother Lode... right when they hit that first NOTE i knew they were godlike...my psychic adviser sees many more shows with MYSTERY HANG UP and IAMLOVED... cheers xoxoxo -jj

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